COVID-19 Tests

Swab and Serology Tests

As we assume a new norm with the COVID-19 pandemic, WL&H provides you with qualitative tests and supporting services to aid you in preparing for your travels and business, or simply a peace of mind.

COVID-19 Real Time-PCR Swab Test (RT-PCR) and Serology testing are available to all individuals who would like to undergo the tests. This includes any individuals who are well or require pre-departure testing prior to travelling.

Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) Swab Test

A diagnostic molecular test to show if you have an active coronavirus infection. The RT-PCR test looks to detect the virus’s genetic material and identify if you have COVID-19.

IgM Antibody Serology Test

A blood test that identifies the first antibody the body makes when it fights a new infection. This is indicative of whether a person has recently been vaccinated/recovered from COVID-19.

Vaccine Validation Serology Test

A blood test that identifies the antibody that protects you against COVID-19. This is indicative of whether a person has recently been vaccinated/ recovered from COVID-19.

Antigen Rapid Testing (ART)

A diagnostic tests to look for proteins on the surface of the virus to ascertain the presence of a COVID-19 infection. Required to be done within 24-hours of attending a large scale event.

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